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Dossow M., Dieterich V., Hanel A., Spliethoff H., Fendt S.
Improving carbon efficiency for an advanced Biomass-to-Liquid process using hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2021
Journal Article

Hauck, M.; Herrmann, S.; Fischer, F.; Weinrich, J.; Steinrücken, B.; Spliethoff, H. 
Experimental Investigation of an Anode Supported SOFC Stack under High Direct Internal Reforming Conditions
ECS Transactions, 2021
Conference Proceedings

Pongratz, G.; Subotic, V.; von Berg, L.; Schroettner, H.; Hochenauer, C.; Martini, S.; Hauck, M.; Steinruecken, B.; Skrzypkiewicz, M.; Kupecki, J.; Scharler, R.; Anca-Couce, A. 
Real coupling of solid oxide fuel cells with a biomass steam gasifier: Operating boundaries considering performance, tar and carbon deposition analyses.
Fuel, 2022
Journal Article

Steinrücken, B.; Herrmann, S.; Hauck, M.; Spliethoff, H. 
Flexible and Modular Fully Metallic Housing Concept for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
ESC Transactions, 2021
Research Paper


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